Blac Youngsta is known for his stuntastic Instagram posts and his comedic flair in his rhymes, but deep down inside, he yearns to be an actor on the big screen.

"I always want to be in a movie since I was a little boy,” he told XXL in 2017沙巴体育备用网址. “I always knew like when I was coming up how hard it was to try to get in a movie. I tried. I tried numerous times. I said I was gonna rap. I love [rapping], too. I just want to be the greatest entertainer in the world."

So for XXL’s inaugural Flip the Script沙巴体育备用网址 series, we invited the Memphis rapper to use his acting skills to recite some of the most popular movie lines in cinema history. Youngsta was up for the challenge.

For his screen test, the "" rapper did his best Nino Brown impression from the 1991 movie New Jack City. The scene where is a notable moment in the film. "Sit your $5 ass down before I make change,” yells Youngsta as he points to the camera.

He really gets into character for his portrayal of drug kingpin Tony Montana in the classic 1983 film Scarface沙巴体育备用网址. The memorable scene where Tony (played by Al Pacino) is so gangsta. "Say hello to my little friend,” Youngsta grimaces as he mimics holding the deadly weapon with a smile on his face.

The rhymer then gets zen-like as he recites the from the classic Star Wars film. For his scene, the Heavy Camp沙巴体育备用网址 honcho ever so gently states the slogan. “May the force be with you," he states.

Blac Youngsta recites a number of lines from classic movies including Coming to America, The Terminator, Home Alone and more.

沙巴体育备用网址Watch Blac Youngsta flip the script with classic movie lines below.

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